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Looking after your digital legacy. A guide from Brooks Independent Funeral Directors, Malmesbury.

A person's digital footprint refers to the data that is left behind after they pass away. This includes all online accounts, digital assets, and internet profiles that the person had during their lifetime. The policies of different platforms determine how the data is maintained or erased after the person's passed away.

There are several ways to manage your digital legacy. Many tech platforms now offer options for handling users' data after death. For example, Apple introduced legacy contacts in December 2021, which allows you to choose one or more trusted people to access your account after your have passed away. Google's Inactive Account Manager allows you to make a plan for your passing by outlining when Google should consider your account to be inactive ¹.

If you want to access someone's Facebook account after they have passed away, you can request to memorialize their account. Memorializing an account allows friends and family to gather and share memories of the person who has passed away. To memorialize an account, you can fill out a form on Facebook's website and provide proof of the person's passing, such as a death certificate. Once the account is memorialized, it will be secured and no one will be able to log in to it.

It's important to take stock of your digital life and plan what will happen to your data when you're no longer there to log in. Whether you want your information destroyed, stored, or memorialized, there are options available to ensure that your data is taken care of responsibly.

Your digital footprint is an important topic that requires careful consideration. By planning ahead, you can ensure that your digital legacy is managed in a responsible and secure manner.

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