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What to do when someone passes away...

After someone passes away, it's often the unknown for those left behind and difficult to know what steps need to be taken. Here is a basic guide to what happens immediately after someone passes away. The passing will need to be registered, you can see a guide to this here. If you need further help or guidance, please don't hesitate to call us, we're here to support you during this difficult time. 

We are here for help and advice
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At Home or Nursing Home

If your loved one passes away at home, the first step is to call the Doctors Surgery. Once a member of the team has attended and certified the passing you can then call us. We will attend and take your loved one back into our care. 
Where the passing occurs in a nursing hom
e, the home staff will look after this process for you. It is helpful to inform the home we will be looking after the arrangements for the funeral in advance, so they know who to call at the time of need. We will then guide you through the rest of the process, ensuring that everything is handled with compassion and professionalism.  

In Hospital

If your loved one has passed away in the hospital, the bereavement team will take care of the certification for you. You will need to confirm with them that we will be handling the funeral arrangements so that we can liaise directly with the hospital to bring your loved one into our care as soon as possible. We will be with you every step of the way throughout the planning process and beyond.

When the Coroner is Involved

When a passing occurs unexpectedly you will need to call 999 and explain what has happened. The Coroner's Team will attend and take your loved one back into the care of the coroner. You will need to inform the Coroner's Officer that we are looking after the funeral arrangements, so we can bring your loved one back into our care, once they have finished their investigations. We will be here to advise and support you as these investigations take place.

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