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A final resting place for a loved one's ashes. Where, why and how...

The decision of what to do with a loved one’s ashes is deeply personal and can be part of the healing process, bringing closure knowing a loved one is in their final resting place. Brooks Independent Funeral Directors are here to guide and support you in this decision. Some options for the final resting place of ashes that you may consider are:

Interment in a Local Cemetery or Churchyard 

Choosing to inter the ashes in a local cemetery or churchyard provides a permanent place for family and friends to visit. It offers a sense of closeness to the community and continuity, as the person remains part of the landscape they lived in. Many find comfort in having a dedicated space to reflect and remember. We can help arrange the interment, attending on the day if desired, and also arrange a memorial stone with you afterwards.

Keeping Ashes at Home 

For those who prefer to keep their loved ones close, taking the ashes home is an option. This allows for flexibility in how you choose to honour their memory. We provide a variety of caskets and containers that are suitable for display at home or in the garden.

Scattering Ashes 

Scattering ashes in a place that was special to your loved one or your family can be a meaningful act. It could be a favourite walking spot, a garden, or anywhere that holds significance. We offer scatter tubes specifically designed for this purpose, making the process respectful and straightforward. 

Crematorium Options 

It’s also possible to have the ashes interred or scattered at the crematorium. This can be a simple, yet dignified choice for those who may not have a specific place in mind. There is no fee for ashes scattered at the crematorium where the cremation took place although there will be further options for interments and memorials.

Memorial Jewellery 

Memorial jewellery is another way to keep your loved one close. We have a wide range of jewellery, some of which are on display at our office, that can incorporate ashes, creating a beautiful and lasting tribute that you can carry with you always.

In closing, there are many ways to honour your loved one’s memory through their final resting place. Whether it’s arranging an interment, keeping them at home, scattering in a cherished location, or carrying them with you in memorial jewellery, each option provides its own form of comfort and closure. Please contact us for more information; we’re here to support you through this important decision.

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