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Arranging Eco-Friendly Funeral with Brooks Independent Funeral Directors, Malmesbury.

Green Funerals

Green burial, also known as natural burial, is an eco-friendly funeral option that is growing in popularity in the UK. It usually takes place in natural burial grounds or designated woodland burial sites in larger cemeteries. For green burial, a biodegradable coffin or casket is used, usually made out of sustainable material such as willow. Woodland burials may not be marked with a headstone; instead, they will be identified by a tree or flowers and often become indistinguishable from the woodland. Many natural burial grounds also have a map, so that the bereaved may visit the site of their loved one.

Benefits of Green Burials

Green burials are beneficial to the environment in many ways. They help to reduce the carbon footprint of traditional funerals. They also help to preserve natural habitats and promote biodiversity.

Finding a Natural Burial Ground

There are over 260 natural burial grounds in the UK, and the number is continuing to grow. Woodland and green burial sites are often unrecognizable compared to traditional cemeteries, as they are managed to look as close to a natural meadow or forest as possible. Our closest are Midford Burial Ground and West Mill Burial Ground.

Arranging a Green Funeral

Brooks Independent Funeral Directors, can assist with arranging not just a full green funeral, but also tailoring a traditional funeral to include eco-friendly elements. We can provide willow coffins handmade in Somerset, even if the committal is not taking place in a woodland. There are also options for living floral tributes rather than using cut flowers and more. We are here to help and advise with the regulations associated with Natural Burial Sites as with any funeral we arrange.

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