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Direct Cremation with Brooks Independent Funeral Directors of Malmesbury

The concept of a 'Direct Cremation' has grown in popularity hugely in recent years with much media coverage and national firms spending big budgets on TV, radio and other advertising campaigns. But what is a 'Direct Cremation', is it the right choice for you and is it the only option, when limited funds are available...

What is Direct Cremation

A Direct Cremation also known as simple cremation or unattended cremation, is where the deceased is collected from the place they passed away and taken for a cremation with no mourners present, and their ashes being returned to the family afterwards.

Do Brooks Independent Funeral Directors offer a Direct Cremation

Yes, but with a difference - We offer a direct cremation service that provides a dignified and respectful farewell. We will handle every aspect of the cremation with the personal service we pride ourselves on, carried out with the utmost respect. Unlike national firms, you can rest assured that your loved one will remain in Malmesbury until the cremation, and we can keep you informed of when and where this will take place. Additionally, as part of the service, we offer our Chapel of Rest during office hours and assistance placing the ashes to rest. 

Why choose a Direct Cremation

A direct cremation is often chosen because it was the wish of the deceased person or there are limited funds to pay for a funeral. It is also chosen by families who have held a traditional funeral at a location such as a church but do not wish to attend the cremation afterwards.

Is Direct Cremation the right option for me

This depends entirely on your situation, however if we look at the above and reasons why people look for a Direct Cremation we can look towards whether it is the right choice for you. With a direct cremation there is not really the chance to 'say goodbye', so if you plan to have a funeral/memorial service to afford yourself and others the opportunity to do so, just without attending the crematorium, then yes this can be an ideal solution. Likewise if it was the express wish of the deceased and you feel it should be followed then a Direct Cremation is appropriate. However, what about opting for a Direct Cremation where there are limited funds to pay for the funeral, this is a different scenario, you shouldn't feel this is the only option. There are many ways to tailor the cost of a funeral to meet a budget. Brooks Independent Funeral Directors can work with you to ensure you do not feel you have to have a Direct Cremation but can be provided with the opportunity to 'say goodbye' and celebrate a life in the form of a funeral, if you would like to do so.

What next

Whether you have decided that a Direct Cremation is right for you and you need to arrange this, or if you feel that perhaps a funeral is a better option tailored to suit a budget or wish then Brooks Independent Funeral Directors are here to support you. Available 24hours we are proud to offer a personal service to guide you through the process of arranging a personalised funeral or Direct Cremation with compassion and care. You can call us on 01666 822200, email or visit our office at 21 High Street, Malmesbury, SN16 9AA

Direct Cremation from Brooks Independent Funeral Directors
Direct Cremation


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